Webmail Backup

June 14, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

laptops connected to word BACKUPHave you ever lost access to your email files, even temporarily?  Wouldn’t it be a disaster if you lost those files forever!

“That can’t happen”, you say.  “I have a webmail account. My webmail provider keeps a backup, doesn’t it?”

Yes, probably – but what if some disaster wipes out access to your files?  On February 27, 2011, as reported by the Huffington Post and many other news sources, a glitch caused thousands of Gmail users to find their inboxes totally empty.    Fortunately Google was able to restore the data within a week, from tape backups.  But what if they hadn’t been able to?  Or what if you accidentally deleted an entire folder?  Or had your account hacked?

It just makes sense to backup your webmail files, just as you backup your computer files. (You do, don’t you?)  Here are three free options:

Gmail Backup is an open source program developed to backup and restore Gmail mailboxes.  It’s free to download, and fairly straightforward – enter your Gmail account and password, select a backup location, and go.  The upside – it’s free and fairly straightforward.  The downside – there are few features, and very little documentation.

MailStore Home runs on Windows only.  It archives email from many different sources, including webmail.  And the home version is free.  MailStore works for Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo email, though only Gmail (Google mail) is directly offered on the menu.  Need more help with the others?  Try an internet search for “backing up Hotmail AND MailStore” or similar phrase.

Thunderbird Is actually an email client that resides on your computer; it’s not webmail.  BUT, it can also be used to backup your webmail accounts.  How?  Download a copy of Thunderbird to your computer.  During setup you’ll be asked for your email address and the mail from your webmail account will be copied into Thunderbird.  From then on, run Thunderbird as often as you want to grab the most recent emails from your webmail account.

These methods provide backup storage for your webmail account.  And if you download the file to a removable drive rather than your computer hard drive – and then remove the drive for safekeeping — you’ll add yet another level of backup.  Frankie OnCall can provide additional information and assistance if needed.