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So many passwords…what should they be? Should I have CaPitaL letters? Numbers? Symbols? or all of the above?  Oh my!!! It’s enough to make a person scream in frustration!

Passwords are an absolute necessity. Most of the time they are required to make purchases online or access certain websites.  We also want to protect the information we provide online.  Let’s face it, we don’t want just anyone to get our personal information. On the news now, it’s not only security breaches that we hear about, but also how hackers are able to get into and access our personal emails.  It just never seems to end.

We need passwords.  We can’t get away from them.  We just need VERY strong passwords. What can we do to be proactive in this New Year to protect our personal information?

Here is a little secret…the more complex the password the better.  When you use different characters and lengthen your passwords, it becomes harder to figure them out.  Use the following example:

Hard                          H_ard                          H_a_rd                          H_a_r2d                          H_a_r2d!_2

Is this making sense?
How do we remember this?  Great question and thank you for asking!

1. Create your own pattern of letters, symbols, and numbers, etc. and create a rotation system.
2. Keep the list somewhere that is not accessible to anyone else.
3. Then when you update the passwords, update your list.  (Online hidden documents are perfect for this.)

Let’s be password superheroes, and make it harder for malicious cyber criminals to steal our information.

Must Have Cloud Applications

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Since the 1980s, consumers have enhanced their computer experience through purchased software. Within months the software became outdated! Today computer users experience immediate access to up-to-date programs through on-demand cloud applications. Here are Frankie’s “must-have apps.”

  1. 1.Gmail.  Besides easy access anywhere, anytime – Gmail has an awesome spam filter, large storage amounts, an excellent search feature and HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure.
  2. Google Calendar. Online calendaring is an excellent tool and Google’s calendar is extremely easy to use.  It sends reminders to email and can be integrated with Microsoft and smartphones.
  3. Google Docs. No need to clog your hard disk with files and files of word documents and spreadsheets.  Google docs is a free application that allows you to store, create, share and access documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.
  4. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are excellent browsers known for speed, security and user-friendly navigation.
  5. Remember the Milk. Trying to remember what you have to get done this week?  RememberTheMilk, a free app that can be integrated with smartphones, web browsers, and even Twitter, helps you organize your to do list, prioritize tasks, share tasks and even set reminders.
  6. Carbonite or Mozy. Both Carbonite and Mozy are excellent back up recovery services that allow you to select files and folders on your computer and safely back them up online.  In the case of file corruption, accidental deletion or hardware failure, you may easily restore your backed up files from the web to the original computer or any another PC.
  7. CCleaner. CCleaner is a free system cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.