DIY (Do It Yourself) Tips

October 13, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

When your printer isn’t printing clear and crisp pages:

be sure you have cleaned the print heads and replaced low and/or empty ink.

If your laptop isn’t charging:

try a battery replacement. Also check to see if the DC jack is loose. A loose jack won’t properly charge the battery and should be replaced.

When you are typing, if the pointer hops to the top of the page:

be sure your fingers are not touching

My computer won’t boot into Windows and I hear a strange clicking noise:

Unusual clicking is BAD. This is typically your hard drive. Turn the computer off immediately and call your IT professional for help.

Can I use an external LCD with my laptop?

Yes, laptops have a connection for that and any size will work.

My computer randomly shuts down.

This is could be any number of things and is definitely not normal. The PC needs to be checked out.

If your computer doesn’t start after spilling wine (or any other of your favorite drinks) on your laptop keyboard:

Do not continue to  push the power button. Be sure you have a good backup, and then have an IT specialist evaluate the damage to repair or replace.

My PC says I’m low on virtual memory. I’ve deleted some pictures and music and that didn’t help.

First we want to make sure you have enough memory or (RAM). If you do Virtual memory usually has to do with processes or programs that are running and not visible. Our core services manage this and alleviate this error.

Should I run an update or patch I receive in e-mail?

NO. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is to contact the sender or visit their home page. OR, call us and we can help to determine if this is a safe update.