“Instant Society”

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handcuffsDo you watch television? Are you watching the commercials advertising the holiday sales or the newest gifts to buy? I don’t watch television. I watch my phone. That’s right! I spend a lot of time with my face in my phone. I am obsessed with technology and information. After all, isn’t that who we are? A society obsessed with technology?

Why are you in your phone so much Frankie?

Because I can:

Carry on complete conversations via text and chat. I can read my Kindle…play Scrabble ALL DAY long…look at pictures on IMGUR…watch movies on Netflix…shop on Amazon and EBay…look at the news ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET…get on Chrome and browse any piece of information I desire…and SO much more. WOW!

I constantly and continually, at any instant, have the world in my hands, all day long, every day. In some ways, I view this as multi-tasking. My phone helps me stay present. If I didn’t have it, who knows what I’d be thinking about. How would I get my email or remember my schedule. How would I get your phone number or remember your birthday?

However, I view our instant society as being pre-occupied. We are constantly occupied with our phone or laptop or tablet.

I remember seeing a photo (online of course), of a family sitting down at dinner. Everyone had a cell phone or gadget out, with their heads down. No one was talking. No one was engaging with each other.

I’ve been that person. However, this year I focused on how I spend my time, and I have been, unplugging. There are times I leave my phone at home, or I put it in my pocket so I can converse with someone. I leave my phone in the car. I don’t take it to dinner or meetings. I am choosing to be more present and connect with people.

How do you spend your time? Are you stuck on your phone or other tech gadget?

As we start to make our resolutions for 2015, consider unplugging from the virtual, and connect with those in your life, even if it’s for a short period of time. The “Instant Society” can wait a little while.

The Pros and Cons of Locking Your Phone

September 29, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

SmartphonesAs we become more and more reliant on our phones to multitask (banking apps, social media, etc) it’s surprising that people have become rather lax about actually using a lock screen to protect their personal phones. Some pros and cons have cropped up in relation to this trend.


  • Lock screens can give a sense of security.
  • Lock screens can keep apps from opening and draining your phone’s battery. They can also prevent the dreaded “butt-dial”.
  • Lock screens can prevent nosy friends or the non tech-savvy thief from getting into your personal data.


  • Lock screens can be annoying if you check your phone often.
  • Locking your phone can give you a sense of security true, but most lock screens are easy to get around, especially if the person trying knows you.
  • Lock screens will not keep the tech savvy thief out of your phone, and let’s be honest, if the thief is going for your high tech smartphone they probably know how to crack it.

Locking your phone is a matter of personal preference, if it feels more secure or you are concerned about who might have access to your phone then that is a decision you must make.