Windows 10 Upgrade

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thCATT76QAWindows 10 has been here for a little over nine months, which means you only have a couple months left to get a free upgrade.What is important for you to know is that Microsoft has now started to auto-schedule upgrades and these upgrades are being scheduled with or without user consent. Here are some interesting facts for you.

Windows 10 has many monitoring and data collections tools. The operating system is able to:

1. Gather search history
2. Web usage
3. Windows Store usage
4. Details of what applications are used
5. Voice recordings
6. Emails
7. Geographic information

Basically, Windows 10 can pretty much gather anything about you from your PC and internets usage. This information is used for improving Windows services, however, it’s also used for advertising and market research.

You may get a pop-up on your computer that says you are auto-scheduled to upgrade on a certain date. If you’re not wanting to upgrade to Windows 10, there are options to cancel. This is only if you catch the upgrade option in time. If you do want it, the free upgrade expires on July 29th.

If you don’t wish to upgrade, then you’ll want to check regularly to make sure that you’re not being forced. Until Microsoft deactivates the upgrade, being watchful is the best course of action. As always, Frankie OnCall is here to assist you with any of your computer/laptop needs.

That pesky Windows 10 nag.

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the-strategy-1080533_1920There is a tool that will remove the Windows 10 nag, and we have that tool.  We can have you updated, up to speed, and remove the nag for you.  The second option is to update to Windows 10.  In our opinion, Windows 10 is not as comfortable to use as Windows 7.  If you choose to update, there will be growing pains.

Here is a tip, if you update to Windows 10:

At the install, several screens will ask you, what to use as a default application –  **uncheck everything**


We do this because:

  1. There is more freedom
  2. Less running in the background

Additionally, if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, there is a deadline to upgrade to IE11 or Edge.  This upgrade needs to be completed by January 12. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the safest browser and older versions are much more likely to cause trouble for you and your computer.

If you want to update and you don’t want to do it yourself, we can also do this for you.

Whether you have Windows 10 or Windows 7, they both will run smoother and better on a SSD (We’ll tell you more about Solid State Drives in the next article.  So stay tuned.)


Ready for Windows 10?

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Windows10By now you may have seen the icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen that says you can reserve your copy of Windows 10 as soon as it is available. “That’s great”, you say, “but should I?”

Windows 10 is not officially released until July 29th and you can upgrade for free at any time over the next year. For this reason, we recommend waiting until it has been released for a little while before updating. There are sure to be a few bugs and we will be aggressively testing Windows 10 in order to make the best recommendation for our clients.

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With this new version of Windows comes some interesting features in regards to productivity and management from an IT perspective. What does this mean for the home user? It means we are able to support your needs more efficiently than ever before with options that simplify everything from e-mail, file sharing and backing up in the cloud.

The wires are going away which goes for the things attached to those wires as well. In the same way that WiFi is changing how we use the Internet and connect to each other, slowly the boxes surrounding your desk are getting smaller or going away entirely. This is a good thing if you have an expert IT service at your side to carry you through the rapid changes going on today. We can help you simplify your life using technology and are always willing to recommend the best solution or answer any questions. Give it a try!