Tips for a longer-lasting battery

October 7, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Tired of running out of battery power when using your laptop for more than half an hour? Here is some power-saving tips that will make your battery last longer!

  1. Before using a battery for the first time, make sure it is fully charged. Usually, overnight will do. On initial use, let it drain entirely and again every few months. A good way to achieve this is to pull out the power cord and let the battery drain while you are using the machine.
  2. Li-ion batteries are fairly sensitive to temperature. So, it is a good idea to not let your laptop get too hot: don’t cover the fan exhaust or leave it in your car during hot days.
  3. Don’t buy spare batteries; Li-ion batteries start to deteriorate the moment they are manufactured, so even a battery that hasn’t been used for five years will most likely be in a bad state.
  4. Use power save modes wisely. When you leave your laptop for a short time, be sure to use the Sleep/Standby function.