Protect Your Mobile Devices

February 16, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Just like computer, cell phones, digital music players, Bluetooth headsets, e-readers and tablets rate high on the bacteria pendulum.  Protect your mobile devices by using the safe cleansing practices outlined in Squeaky Clean Mouse and Touchpad. In addition to keeping devices germ-free, it is important to protect the data on your mobile devices.

  1. Strong Passwords: If you have sensitive data on your mobile devices, password protect documents with strong passwords that includes letters and numbers.
  2. Auto-lock: Along with the password, the device should lock itself after a period of inactivity – approximately 5-10 minutes.
  3. Data encryption: Make sure the device encrypts data. Most mobile devices do this by default, but make sure.
  4. Public networks: Whenever possible, avoid public WiFi networks.
  5. Marketplace Apps: Check out marketplace applications before downloading to ensure they are vetted and reliable.  At the 2011 Mobile Security Symposium, experts agreed that many applications can be malicious.

Most mobile device operating systems are more resistant to attacks than the Windows desktop operating system.  However, there’s a shortage of tools to manage attacks when they happen.  We anticipate in the coming months attention to mobile security will increase as attacks target and highlight weaknesses in the mobile marketplace.  Stay tuned for updates!