A New Tool for Email Address Book Cleanup-Scrubly

July 17, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

  Whether you have a hundred contacts in your email accounts or thousands, over time you’ll build up a confusing set of duplicate entries, outdated entries, and no-longer-needed entries.  Duplicate entries can be an especially big problem if you’re combining contacts lists from various email accounts and Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media tools. 

The result can be annoying and require extra time and energy when you’re trying to direct messages to the appropriate and current addresses. Yet cleaning up and organizing a large email address or contacts list manually is a tedious job – one that many of us put off until “we have time”.  This is time that seldom arrives, leading to a sometimes overwhelming problem. 

There are solutions however, and the newest on the scene (introduced in April of this year by BluCapp, Inc.) is Scrubly, a cloud-based address book cleanup tool designed to remove duplicate contacts from your Outlook, Mac, Gmail, and Google Apps address books while also backing up your contacts before and after scrubbing.  Scrubly keeps track of the three most recent sets of contacts, so there’s a safe backup to download anytime you need it.

Using its proprietary technology, Scrubly scans your contacts list for exact or closely matching duplicates, and flags them for removal.  It uses a time stamp comparison to identify the likely most current entry.  You then can choose to review the identified duplicates or just let the system remove them.

Scrubly also flags “conflicted” contacts, such as two otherwise similar contact entries with the same name or email address, but with an identical phone number appearing in the home phone field for one record and the work phone field for another record.   You’ll then be able to decide which is correct.

Both these features can be quite a timesaver if you’re managing hundreds or thousands of contacts.  The sign-up process at scrubly.com is quick and easy and pricing is reasonable.  Free for up to 250 contacts and then two inexpensive options for an unlimited number of contacts; one option offers a one-time scrub and the other an unlimited number of scrubs per year.

There are other tools of course.  Plaxo offers some tools, Outlook users have ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Items Remover), and many email services, including Outlook, offer help as well.