Alternative Texting Apps

October 8, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

For many of us, texting has become a mainstay in interaction. For some of us, it is even the primary way we communicate with others. It’s fast and easy. Texting can often run up our phone bills and eat through our data plan. Luckily there are several apps that allow you to customize your texting experience and sidestep fees. Here are three apps you can use:


This is a very popular cross-platform app that automatically cross references your contact list with its list of current users to connect you with your friends automatically. Messages within the app are completely free, and it allows you to send photos, texts and voice/video messages.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger App allows you to readily access your Facebook messages and friends.  Considering that Facebook is the largest social media site in the world, this means you can connect readily with just about everyone you know, even Grandma!  This app supports images, texts, and location sharing, and can even be downloaded and accessed through your home computer.  Again, this app is free between users, but uses standard text messaging when used with a non-Facebooker.

Google Voice

Google Voice gives you the ability to a way to send and receive SMS messages without going through your service provider’s SMS channels.  It can also be accessed from your PC, granting you versatility in communciation.  Google Voice also handles phone calls.  It is speculated that at some point, Google Voice and Google Hangouts will merge, allowing you the ability to share photos, videos, conference calls, and video chats.

WhatsApp and GoogleVoice are generally the most popular texting services.  Try them out and see what you think!  They are all fun alternatives to your standard SMS system, and can be quite practical as well.