Dropbox: The “Magic Pocket” For File Sharing

April 18, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 


Everything is moving to the cloud.  We hear it more and more and more.  There are so many different services to fit your needs, from backing up your computer, to sharing pictures and music, to facilitating real-time editing of shared documents.  We’ve found Dropbox to be a wonderful tool for file sharing, and you can get it for free.  While you cannot collaborate simultaneously on shared files, it does allow for file synching, and once you have learned how to navigate it, it is a wonderful application.

The premise behind Dropbox is that it gives you access to your files no matter what computer or device you have at hand. The service stores files with strong encryption on multiple servers and lets you get at your files quickly, easily, and for the most part elegantly from virtually any Internet-enabled device. Dropbox can be accessed by downloading the application onto your device, but if you find yourself in need of your files but at a computer that doesn’t have dropbox installed, have no fear.  You can also access your files by going to the website and logging in with an account name and password.

Dropbox is a quality way to sync files and data you regularly work with and update, such as documents for work or school. For example, say you write part of a research paper at school on your Apple laptop and put it in your Dropbox folder, which backs it up. When you return home, you can then access the document from your computer to continue working on it. The document’s updates will sync across your devices so you’re not constantly trying to remember what version it is.

It’s a great way to collaborate with friends, co-workers and family, plus share photos and video, by sending links or creating quality galleries of your pictures. You can also share music with Dropbox online data backup service.  We call it the “magic pocket” because of how conveniently and effectively it helps you store and transport data and documents.  Best of luck to you while cloud computing, this will make your life a lot easier!