Local over Big Box

January 11, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Image result for Keep It LocalThere are many reasons why shopping locally with your friendly service professional or store owner has its advantages.  One of the reasons is because the money you’re spending is going directly back into your community.  Money which stimulates the local economy.  You are keeping the business ‘in the family’ per-se.  There are many other reasons to “shop local”, but none more important than a story recently in the news about big box stores being caught offering un-necessary computer services and products.

A thorough investigation of four out of six Office Depot/OfficeMax stores in numerous cities and states revealed that the tests of brand new PCs showed ‘symptoms of malware’ and required as much as $199 for repairs and protection. 

The investigation showed the new PCs to have never been connected to the internet, which is the ONLY way a computer can get malware.  A totally separate news team from Boston reported a free scan by OfficeMax, misdiagnosed two out of three brand new PC’s as potentially infected.

Officials at the parent company that runs both chains said they are no longer using the certain software to diagnose problems.  Over the past decade, fraudulent PC support scams have emerged and has cost people hundreds of millions of dollars.   

I can’t say that a local business will not make mistakes, but someone who is local can take ownership when problems do arise, and we can be hands on and fix them.

Use local companies for all your needs if you can.  The big box stores don’t have any skin in the game and we do.  We care.  We need your business.  We want you to be happy and completely satisfied.  We need you to tell your friends so they will use us too.  Remember to keep it in the family.