Spam Campaign

July 15, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

thCA4CUKQ1Internet security firm F-Secure is warning there is a massive spike in “Spam Campaigns”. They are seeing 200 times the volume of spam that contains malware known as “Locky”. Locky is ransomware and it encrypts the data on a computer to try and extort payment from the owner. This malware is advanced and effective. It is also difficult for an Antivirus to detect.

The best defense is to avoid it altogether. You can prevent ransomware by being wary of spam messages, and don’t open documents or follow links in emails you are not familiar with. If in doubt, just don’t click it. Antivirus helps, but it can’t protect you from malware like Locky. If it seems strange or too good to be true it probably is!