To SSD or not to SSD

February 8, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

In the last newsletter we talked about Windows 10 and mentioned how your computer would operate better with an SSD. So what is an SSD and how can it help you?  SSD stands for sold-state drive and we’ll compare it to an HDD, which is a hard disk drive.

A hard disk drive is a basic storage space on a computer and the data is stored on metal platters with magnetic coatings. The solid-state drive does the same thing but stores the information on flash memory chips that are connected. The sold-state drive also uses less power and generates less heat than the hard disk drive.

The benefits of having an SSD over an HDD, is the SSD has a larger capacity of storing data and has faster speed. A computer that has an SSD will reboot in seconds, where the HDD has to warm up to operating speed. Another benefit of having an SSD is durability. There is less chance of damaging the SSD if the computer or laptop is dropped.

So, the question now is which type of drive is better for your needs? If you are not sure let Frankie OnCall help you make that decision.