Buyer Beware: New Laptops Need Updates

March 2, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

When you purchase a new computer, the Windows Operating System and installed software are not up-to-date and the hard drive is loaded with unnecessary data. Windows releases critical updates and security patches that are not applied to new computers that sit in warehouses and stocking rooms.  Before computers reach the sales floor, they become outdated and in need of tech support.


In addition to outdated operating systems, new computers are filled with resource-sapping, preinstalled software that most people never use. Generally these large programs and files, called “Bloatware”, are trial software such as security software, URL Assistant by Google, Activation Assistants and Wild Tangent that companies pay PC manufacturers to install.

Purging Unwanted Programs

Eliminating these unwanted and unused programs clears space on your computer and frees up processor cycles. You can download programs such as CCleaner and  Autoruns to remove bloatware. However, the trouble can be tracking down the software and properly removing it.

Many companies, including Frankie OnCall, can help properly remove bloatware, update software and your operating system to ensure that your new computer runs efficiently.