We Will All Be Ditching Our Cable TV Soon

June 14, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Cable vs. ComputerHave you ever wondered if you could use your PC as a TV and DVR?  Wish no more, there are options, and Windows Media Center is one of them.

If your computer operating system is a Windows 7 or Windows Vista Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate edition, your computer came pre-loaded with Windows Media Center.  Look for it from the “start” link (typically in the lower left side of your screen).  See it?

With Media Center, a TV tuner and a TV signal, you can schedule and record TV shows for future viewing, or watch live shows and movies, on your PC or laptop.

For your desktop PC you might need to purchase a TV Tuner, or better yet two of them.  With two tuners you can watch and record at the same time, or record two different shows at the same time – a really nice option to have!

You also must make certain the tuner is compatible with your computer setup and also that it supports your TV signal type.  It’s not quite as easy as 1, 2, 3 but Microsoft provides some helpful information at the Windows Media Center Help and How-to site.  Frankie OnCall can also help you set up your new system or even your Home Theatre.

With this kind of potential available for the PC and laptop, are smartphone apps far behind?  And with people turning more and more to their computers and smartphones for information and entertainment, we might all be ditching our cable TVs soon.