Core Values

A high standard of appearance, speech, behavior and etiquette exemplifies the Frankie OnCall attitude and quality of work.

Frankie OnCall stands behind the work it performs because we give no less than 100% to each client and each project.  Our solutions are 100% because we have tested them and they work.  We are complete and thorough in our work and all computer work has been double checked before going back to the client.  All computers are detailed; they are returned to owners free of all dust, stickers and fingerprints inside and out.  Not only do we value impeccability for our clients’ machines, we are tidy in our work environment as well.

The desire to know more about every aspect of what we do and the curiosity to seek new innovative solutions.  Frankie OnCall representatives are ambassadors of current and future technology.  They embrace an attitude of learning, investigation and invention.

An inexplicable positive energy and passion that creates excitement, involvement and wonder at how to improve, market and sell Frankie OnCall services.

Team Inspired Community
Frankie OnCall recognizes that each of us functions as part of a larger whole and that we must accept responsibility for our own behavior and for the success of the whole.  We are an interactive community, inspired by the commitment and curiosity each of us brings to the company.  We work together to take individual and collective ownership in the work we do.