Our Guarantee

Frankie OnCall stands behind its work and believes a Healthy PC results from You and Me working together to fix problems and extend the life of your computer. We offer solutions tailored to your budget and computer usage habits.

We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients and work to stay ahead of the industry by updating our virus removal protocols and data retrieval methods.

  • We provide a 14-day guarantee against faulty workmanship of equipment service and repair.
  • Hardware used is subject to manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Viruses and spyware are guaranteed to be removed when we return your computer.  We are unable to guarantee that your computer will not get re-infected. Re-infected computers are subject to normal charges.

Virus Removal Guarantee

We guarantee that Frankie OnCall trained technicians will remove all active viruses from your computer.  When we return your computer, we will connect it and demonstrate your properly-working computer.  We do not, however, guarantee that your computer will not get re-infected.  If you suspect that the same virus is still in your computer, call us immediately and we will inspect your computer.  Every file on your computer has a date and time of when it was created or modified.  If the date and time is after our repair, removal is not guaranteed.  If the file is dated on or before our work, we will remove it at no cost.


Data Retrieval Guarantee

Data recovery is performed on a best effort basis. Data losses often occur due to mechanical failure, malware, accidental deletion, or an operating system error. In many instances, Frankie OnCall can retrieve this information.  However, when files are broken, we may not be able to recover them.

For this reason, Frankie OnCall recommends that clients have data backed up.  One back up source we recommend is carbonite.com.

We do guarantee that you can count on Frankie OnCall to protect your sensitive information and to treat it with a high level of confidentiality. We respect the confidential nature of personal information that is stored on your computer.  Upon recovery, your data will be securely replaced and delivered to you.


Computer Optimization and Core Service Guarantee

Frankie OnCall works with you to organize your files and optimize the speed on your computer.  If you computer becomes slow within 14 days of service, call us and we will check it out.  If the slow-down occurs because of a new virus, hardware failure or new application you installed, regular fees apply to fix your computer.

If for some reason you notice a program that was working correctly before we worked on your machine, and is not longer working correctly, we will work with you to resolve the issue.


Blue Screen Guarantee

When you call Frankie OnCall because you get a blue screen when you boot your machine, we are able to read the windows log and get information regarding the cause.  If we repair your system and exact blue screen with the same codes reoccurs, we will fix the problem at no charge.  If the codes are different, indicating a new issue has caused the computer crash, regular fees will apply.